Inspiration Behind the Podcast


Once I bought my flight to Mexico, I had the same feeling of when I submerge my head in a pool on a hot summer day: relief. It felt so right to have an airplane ticket in my inbox.  

I continued to click around on my iPad and noticed the Gargeband symbol. I played around with it and realized how easy it was to record something ( thank you Mac for making such a low barrio to entry with this one).

I was OBSESSED with podcasts ( still am), and I had jobs + commutes that allowed me to listen to podcasts a LOT.

 I loved the storytelling aspect, the fact that I could learn while I’m working, and not have music as my only listening option.

And I liked the art of it. The art of telling a good story with music + sounds, giving my imagination space to create the scene as well as having a shared experience with the host + listener community.

There was something so intimate about it.

I wanted to document my travels as well. I wanted to make a project about it so people didn’t think I was on some kind of vacation. I have the dominant gene for Prodestant work ethic, being from New England and can’t just “relax.” I like having creative projects.

But at the time, I wasn’t a writer. That art didn’t call to me, but I did have a performance background and felt comfortable using my voice. So as I clicked around on the Garageband app, I thought….I could make a podcast ( which does make some NPR producers cringe).

Nevertheless, I gave it a go and haven’t looked back since. I discovered from this experiment that I am a storyteller.

I am my truest self when I tell stories.

From there I have gotten into writing ( which you will be getting more from me), but I would love to hear if you have picked up a new skill or trade and really jived with it?

Now after spending hours working or traveling while listening to podcasts, I have made an EPIC list that you should listen to if you love podcasts or are new to them.

You can download my list of Best Podcasts to Listen to While Traveling

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Adrien Behn