10 Reasons to Visit Mexico City- Dame Traveler Guest Post!


I’m excited to share another guest post that I wrote for Dame Traveler.

It is about my new love, a place that I want to spend every winter and dream about every summer: Mexico City. It is filled with travel tips and things to do in this ancient city.

The reasons I love this city are not limited to this list, but are a few of a thousand.

I hope you go and find the beauty within this space. I wish I was there now.

You can find the original article here.

Below is an excerpt.


Mexico City has always been loud.

Colonial texts imply that they could hear the old Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan, a day’s walk away.

Miles away from the urban center, the wind carried the sound of haggling and shouting of goods that traveled considerable distances to be exchanged at that very spot. Archaeologists have found materials from far reaching places, suggesting that tribes traveled from as north as Arizona and as south as Peru just to get a taste of the action.


This was sound pollution before they had speakers. And now they do have them. Merchants no longer have to shout over everyone else with similar hustles; instead, you will see speakers strapped onto on venders hips or balanced on bikes selling tamales or asking for your used furniture. Reggaeton blasts through car speakers and mariachi bands belt in city squares. This city is bumpin’. It is sometimes feels so loud that they can wake the dead, which they honor more than the living sometimes. Modern day Mexico City hasn’t strayed away from its original vibe.

It is a mosaic of Aztec cultures integrated with colonial Spanish influences while still able to keep up with the modern world. It is in constant contradiction and harmony with itself. It is magic and modernity.

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