Interview on Amateur Traveler!

I have been a long time listener for years. It was the first result that popped up when I was researching travel podcasts. When I was at Travel Massive: Finger Lakes, I was a little star struck when I saw Chris Christensen chatting with fellow travel podcasters. Once I introduced myself, we quickly connected over our shared love of history, travel, and our penchant for New York. Our conversation eventually landed on the Hudson Vally, which is my home area and where he had lived for a few years, and serendipitously enough, he had always wanted to do an episode on the region. I felt the ceiling crack open and a ray of light beam down upon me. By the time the night was coming to a close, we had agreed to be on each other’s podcasts. I couldn’t believe I would be on Amateur Traveler!


Amateur Traveler Podcast is anything but rudimentary. From Colombia to China, each episode is packed with travel tips from experts of that region. Please check out my episode with him GUSHING about the Hudson Valley. I almost didn’t want to do it so I wouldn’t have to deal with the swarm of tourists that would be making their way up from New York City.

Here is the link to his website or you can listen below!