Interview on Love, Lust, or Bust Blog

I’m elated to share the post with Love, Lust, or Bust on solo vs. traveling with someone! As a stanch solo-female traveler, I have traveled with friends and partners. I give some gossip about my failed romantic relationships and the flourishing friendships that happened when I have traveled with people.

You should absolutely check out April Hope’s ( yes that is her real name!) blog Love, Lust, or Bust! It focuses on the love and romance aspect of traveling from the marriages to the flops. Check out my full post on her blog here!

Thank you so much for sharing your travel experiences with us! Can you talk about the differences between traveling as a solo female traveler and traveling with a partner?

I have traveled with close female friends all over the world and never had an issue traveling with them. Whereas, the first 3 hours of landing in Mexico City, my boyfriend and I saw each other for who we really were and broke up.

Wow, that must have been a pretty uncomfortable trip! What were some of the issues?

With my girlfriends, it was never an issue. If we wanted to do something different we gave each other the space to go off and do it. We weren’t tied to each other.

Whereas my ex ( who had never traveled before) expected me to do all of the bookings, itineraries, and planning. I do enjoy that part; however, he didn’t make it any easier when I didn’t know something about where we were visiting.

Did you have similar travel styles with your ex or with your female friends?

When I’m traveling with my best travel friend, Carla, we typically are interested in the same things. I do like going out a bit more and she enjoys museums more, so we give each other the space to do what we please but will always share meals together.

My ex, being a novice traveler, leached onto me throughout our trip because he had never traveled before. I prefer solo-travel, so that was particularly inconvenient, annoying, and eventually resulted in us sobbing on the streets of Oaxaca realizing we couldn’t be together anymore. I now only date men who respect my full independence.

Adrien Behn