Find Your Shine Interview


Ahhh I'm so honored to have been interviewed for the spectacular podcast Find Your Shine!



I met Nina at karaoke at Podcast Movement in July ( and saw her rock a version of Defying Gravity) and with our musical backgrounds, we connected pretty quickly. Our conversations the next day as we got coffee and cookies at Reading Market on travel and wellness made evident that we are part of the same tribe. The tribe that recognizes the importance of self-care, how to connect with your creativity, and how to not squander your time on this earth.

It was such a delight to talk to these ladies once we were back in our respective homes.



We Chat About:

  • Being overly work-focused

  • How travel adds so much to your life

  • What sparked my podcast

  • What I learned from solo travel

  • How she knows what travelers to connect with

  • Space travel - I am READY!

  • Travel alone as a female

  • How the news creates fear around travel

  • The top words to learn in other languages

  • Budgeting for travel

Listen to the episode here and check out the other work of both Nina and Liz.