Oh The Places You'll Go


E20- Oh The Places You’ll Go

Rodrigo was a local Peruvian teen who worked at Chaq Chau. While working together, we would do our own twist on language exchange: he helped me with my Spanish slang and I helped him create clever DJ names in English. He was always wonderful to talk to about Peruvian culture, identity, and history. But as much as he loves his home country, working in a community of travelers has fed a growing desire to go out and travel around the world. In this episode, we discuss what it is like to grow up in Peru, how working in an expat community has influenced his identity, perception of his own culture, and future goals to explore the world. We get the chance to talk to someone who is still untouched from the changes of travel, but I admire Rodrigo's ambitions to see what lies beyond his homeland and hope his desire to learn never leaves him.

In this episode, we discuss

  • What growing up in Peru is like

  • What growing up in a machismo culture is like

  • Why he wanted to learn English

  • The insecurities around speaking a new language

  • What had learning English provided him

  • Why he wants to go to school in an English speaking country

  • If he finds it respectful to talk in Spanish when visiting Spanish speaking countries

  • What it is like to work with travelers and has provided him

  • Why he enjoys talking to foreigners

  • Why he enjoys sharing his culture with foreigners

  • What it is like to share your culture with foreigners

  • How gender roles are changing in Peru

  • What it is like being a teenager in Peru

  • Feminism in Peru

  • Homosexuality in Peru

  • What is on his destination bucket list

  • Why he wants to travel alone vs. with his family