The Rewards of Teaching English in Costa Rica


E13-What’s Meant For You, Won’t Pass You By….

San Jose, Costa Rica

Sara and I also met at the hostel in San Jose, Costa Rica where she was working at a program that teaches English to locals. Sara says exactly what's on her mind and has a specific pep about her that is emulated by the bounce in her curly red hair.

Although far from Scotland, Costa Rica was not her first rodeo. As a well-traveled woman, she is attuned to the complexities and subtleties of new places and is thrilled by how vastly different locations in the world can share so many similarities, exposing the elegant simplicity of our earth. This love of learning combined with a travel competition she has with her brothers keeps her on the move. She strives for a genuine travel experience and is not interested in seeing a new terrain through a window, she wants to get her feet on the ground, breath the air, and chat up anyone that comes her way. Here is her story.

In this podcast episode, we discuss

  • What it is like to work abroad

  • What it is like to teach English abroad

  • What it is like to live in Costa Rica

  • What it is like to live abroad

  • What it is like to live in a different culture

  • What it is like to have a travel competition with her brothers

  • What it is like and what she has learned to have traveled to 40+ countries

  • What are the similarities and differences between humans she has found by traveling to 40+countries

  • What it is like to travel through the Middle East as a solo female traveler

  • What it is like to be a solo female traveler

  • What it is like to travel far from home


If you are from the UK and are interested in teaching English abroad so you can live and work anywhere in the world ( #locationindependencegoals) check out the CELTA course program that Sara did!